our team

Meet our awesome team!

plabon paul - president

Plabon is currently a senior at Stony Brook University and is majoring in Applied Math and Statistics. He's also an amateur photographer, giving him an avenue into the humanities from the STEM field. As someone who appreciates art and how interesting the human body is, he jumped at the opportunity to be a part of this club.

hannah comillas - vice president

Hannah is currently a sophomore at Stony Brook University studying Biology on the pre-health track. She is a clear advocate for the STEAM movement, the involvement of the arts (both literal and foundational) in STEM as a way to emphasize creative thinking and expression. This club served as an amazing opportunity to be involved in Stony Brook's path to regularly incorporating and appreciating the arts as a reputable field.

sayha Öztas - secretary

Sayha is currently a sophomore at Stony Brook University studying psychology on the pre-med track. She has a love for art and science, and an interest in the fascinating processes that take place in the human body. Having the opportunity to combine these passions into one was a plus. Familiarizing the general public about these processes using art is an easy and effective way to teach. She also believes that it is very important to educate other individuals because education is the key to life and opens the door to a world of science.

iris rrokaj - treasurer

Iris Rrokaj is currently a Sophomore at Stony Brook University in the Biology major. Two of her main interests are Science and Art, especially the figurative arts and design. As the Treasurer and temporary PR Officer, she will assist with the mixing of two concepts that cannot live without one another: the harmony of the human body and the delicateness of the art that tries to represent it. The goal of our group is illustrating, educating, and representing topics that interest the medical field through the language of art.

Kadir Özler - Founder

Kadir '19 is a former SBU student. He created the club with the idea in mind that the general population should be able to learn about their own health and bodies without the fear of the complexity of the science that makes those up. Art was chosen to depict these processes because so many of us are visual learners, thus he wanted to spread this scientific inquiry into all individuals.