Who are we?

Artists in Medicine is an organization dedicated to teaching general audiences medical concepts using art while also encouraging interest in the audience to learn more about these topics. To do this, we work with artists and science-focused members from both STEM and non-STEM backgrounds! 

Generally, 1-2 digital and/or traditional artists work on creating the sketch and final work of the project. This final work can be made in any form such as crochet, canvas paintings, digital paintings, and more!

The artists work with a science-focused non-artist to come up with a topic to teach and to find more information regarding the topic to teaching something that may not be mainstream knowledge. This non-artist also helps to find more articles and websites that teach another facet of the topic being taught so that audience members are encouraged to learn more about that specific topic. For example, a topic may be "What are bacteria?" and the non-artist may find resources that answer "What are gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria?" in case audience members are interested in learning more about bacteria.

Altogether, we hope to create an awesome project about a medical topic to improve public health literacy!

About Us

Meet our awesome team!

Xiaoying Wu 


Xiaoying is a senior majoring in Nursing at Stony Brook University. Somethings she likes to do are drawing for her friends and listening to music.

"I love that Artists in Medicine is a place for both artists and non-artists to collaborate in one space. I also love that it is a place to merge my two passions together— art and medicine! I truly hope that through our artwork, we can break down many complex scientific concepts into simpler visual meanings."

Ashley Valenton

-Vice President-

Ashley is a senior majoring in Biomedical Engineering. She likes to paint, play games with friends, crochet, and read!

"Artists In Medicine is the best club ever and you should all join immediately !!! @ >:)"

Michael Buffardi 


Michael is currently a senior Biochemistry major at Stony Brook University. He enjoys sewing, painting, and hanging out with friends!

“This will be my third year in AIM and from the start I’ve loved the club and all the people I’ve met. It brought together two of my biggest interests, art and medicine, and has been so much fun. I hope to see you all soon!"

Peter Stavros


Peter is a junior Biochemistry major who likes to draw, animate, and play piano!

"Using science to help people through medicine could be considered art in and of itself, and I think that's why art compliments medicine so well. Come to our meetings and see for yourself!"

Irena Li 

-Public Relations-

Irena is currently a senior majoring in Nursing at Stony Brook University who likes to play badminton and draw!

"While Artists in Medicine (AIM) is a club that allows you to explore medical topics with different art forms, AIM is also a group of supportive people with common interest(s) in art and/or science. So, if you're interested, come join us!"

Vicky Lin

-Art Liaison-

Vicky is a sophmore majoring in Biology. She likes to workout and go on food tours.

"AIM; using A-Art to I-Interpret M-Medicine. To express dry information into visuals is a bridge between creativity and knowledge."

Qian Lin


Qian is currently a junior majoring in Biology who likes to draw, read, and listen to music!

"Artists in Medicine provides an environment that allows me to use my hobby to further my understanding in the medical field. This creative outlook has guided me through the more difficult courses."

Anna Liu

-Class Representative-

Anna is a junior majoring in Psychology and minoring in sociology. She likes to watch horror movies with friends, try different types of food, and take photography.

"This is the space where I engage in artistic meditation while using creativity to educate a broader audience about healthcare. I’m excited to explore diverse perspectives and contributions from members in the coming school year."

Zoe Zou

-Class Representative-

Zoe is a sophomore majoring in Biology who is into drawing/painting (digitally and traditionally), reading, cooking, baking and gaming.

"I love the idea of being able to spread medical awareness through cute and pretty illustrations that simplify the complex micro-world. I’ve always found it fascinating to learn about all the ways the body functions and I’d be happy to share the knowledge through a creative outlet! Also drawing organs is fun :D"

Xiao Ying Yang

-Class Representative-

Xiao is a junior majoring in Biochemistry. She likes to garden, listen to music, and watch sitcoms in her free time.

"AIM is a place where creativity and learning meet. There are fun events that provide opportunities for a deeper understanding of the unique and complex concepts of medicine."

Kathryn Ravano

-Class Representative-

Kathryn is a junior majoring in biochemistry and biomedical engineering. She enjoys drawing, learning, playing piano, and spending time with friends.

“AIM is a great place to meet new  friends while improving your artistic skills and knowledge of medicine! (: It’s a wonderful opportunity and fantastic experience for any student.”

Kadir Özler


Kadir '19 is a former SBU student. He created the club with the idea in mind that the general population should be able to learn about their own health and bodies without the fear of the complexity of the science that makes those up. Art was chosen to depict these processes because so many of us are visual learners, thus he wanted to spread this scientific inquiry into all individuals.