Who are we?

Artists in Medicine is an organization dedicated to teaching general audiences medical concepts using art while also encouraging interest in the audience to learn more about these topics. To do this, we work with artists and science-focused members from both STEM and non-STEM backgrounds!

Generally, 1-2 digital and/or traditional artists work on creating the sketch and final work of the project. This final work can be made in any form such as crochet, canvas paintings, digital paintings, and more!

The artists work with a science-focused non-artist to come up with a topic to teach and to find more information regarding the topic to teaching something that may not be mainstream knowledge. This non-artist also helps to find more articles and websites that teach another facet of the topic being taught so that audience members are encouraged to learn more about that specific topic. For example, a topic may be "What are bacteria?" and the non-artist may find resources that answer "What are gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria?" in case audience members are interested in learning more about bacteria.

Altogether, we hope to create an awesome project about a medical topic to improve public health literacy!

About Us

Meet our awesome team!

Iris Rrokaj


Iris is currently a junior at Stony Brook University as a Biology major on the pre-med track. Two of her main interests are science and art, especially the figurative arts and design.

"I believe there is a strong connection between the sciences and the arts. There is a lot of beauty in the structure of all biological elements and the mission of our group is depict that beauty and make difficult scientific and medical concepts accessible through simple artists elements."

Xiaoying Wu


Xiaoying is a second year Psychology major on the pre-nursing track at SBU. She has a passion for drawing characters in her free time and likes to draw and care for others!

"I've always wondered how I can combine my interests in drawing and medicine, and Artists in Medicine is the answer to that!"

Angelika Goldstein


Angelika is currently a junior biology major on the pre-med track at Stony Brook University with a double minor in Russian studies and Health and Wellness, with a specialization in Neuroscience!

"Artists have created an image for us to understand what goes on in our bodies and how we function, this truly fascinated me and drew me towards Artists in Medicine!"

Grace Noonan

Website Manager

Grace is currently going into her senior year as a biology major on the pre-med track with a minor in Health, Medicine, and Society at Stony Brook University!

"I spend my free time drawing a lot and since my dream is to become a physician in the future, AIM has been a great way for me to combine studying biology and training my art skills!"

Valerie Farrugia

Art Dept. Liaison

Valerie is an Art History and Studio Art major at Stony Brook University who loves learning about the environment and science and spends most of her time outside!

"AIM is excited to find more artists to help with projects to educate the general public on biological/medical/anatomical questions and topics."

Ashley Valenton

Social Media Director

Ashley is currently a biomedical engineering major on the pre-med track at Stony Brook University and has always loved doing "art things" especially calligraphy!

"I've always gotten through school using visuals and drawing out my thoughts and notes in fun and aesthetically pleasing ways, so AIM was perfect for me!"

Fabliha Fairuz

Fact Checker

Fabliha majors in Biochemistry and is going into her senior year at Stony Brook University. She likes to paint with oil pastels and do pencil sketches in her free time. Fabliha is also fascinated with chemistry and currently works in the Division of Nephrology and Hypertension in the Mallitpattu Lab as an undergraduate researcher. Recently, she's started learning random TikTok dances and enjoys traveling, taking pictures and videos, and loves Bollywood movies!

Joyce Chen

Fact Checker

Joyce is majoring in Biology on the pre-med track and minors in Studio Art at Stony Brook University. She has a passion for art and it's helped her overcome obstacles she's faced throughout life and has become passionate about bridging the gap between art and medicine.

"I am hoping to advocate for more artistic expression within the sciences and medicine through my role as a Fact Checker by closely working with the other eboard members to promote the usage of arts in medicine."

Sayha Öztas

Class Representative

Sayha Oztas is a junior majoring in psychology and on the pre-med track. In her free time, she works as a pharmacy technician, volunteers at South Side Hospital, and TAs for biology labs at SBU.

When the opportunity came across to combine her passion for science and art, it was an offer she couldn't pass up!

Aayush Narula

Class Representative

Aayush is a second year psychology and biology major at SBU. He is an avid painter who joined AIM to practice drawing anatomical procedures and ideas with the world!

"Instead of being taught the information, you are now teaching the information-through art!"

Michael Kearney

Class Representative

Mike is currently a third year student at SBU studying Biology with a minor in Studio Art. He enjoys all mediums of art ranging from drawing and painting to digital arts, as well as learning about the life sciences. As someone who enjoys the arts and sciences, Mike is excited to a Class Representative for AIM!

Kadir Özler


Kadir '19 is a former SBU student. He created the club with the idea in mind that the general population should be able to learn about their own health and bodies without the fear of the complexity of the science that makes those up. Art was chosen to depict these processes because so many of us are visual learners, thus he wanted to spread this scientific inquiry into all individuals.