About Our Independent Art

Lung Consolidation

By Xiaoying Wu

"This piece depicts a chest x-ray, showing lungs that are consolidated. During a clinical rotation, I had the opportunity to meet an x-ray tech who studied art before going into radiology. The X-ray tech told me: 'If you think about it, taking X-rays is like photography. To me, that's still art'. These words changed my perspective of radiology imaging, and it inspired me to create an art piece of an x-ray image."

I Breathe Trees

By Khushali Patel

"This artwork is currently on view in the North Reading Room (second floor) as part of an ongoing exhibition titled 'The Artist’s Perspective.' 

This artwork speaks about my unconditional love for trees and nature in general. It portrays how important trees are for me as a source of inspiration, love, and connection."

Farewell Peony

By Sora Ke

"The vision I had for this piece was the feeling of guilt and sorrow healthcare workers may have when a patient slips away from the world. White peonies symbolize remorse but can also represent innocence and purity, which in my perspective can insinuate that the patients are children who were unable to live their lives to the fullest. It shows how healthcare workers feel when they cannot save every patient in their hands."

Underneath the Face

By Vicky Lin

"This piece is a fusion of the skull and the face. Colors are supposed to resemble that of a watercolor, imitating the bleeding effect. Warm spring colors are used in place of dark hues to make the piece look more uplifting. "

Beauty in the Heart

By XiaoYing Wu

"This piece symbolizes how the beauty within everyone lies in the heart. The different colors of hibiscus flowers represent beauty, love, purity, and many more. The overall piece was inspired by my sweet potato that began growing stems from being left in the pantry too long. After it began growing stems and leaves, I saw how beautiful it looked even though the sweet potato could no longer be eaten. When I noticed the shape of the potato somewhat resembled the heart organ, I was inspired to draw a heart like this."

Daisy Skull

By Irena Li

"The skull can be intimidating to look at at times because of its complexity and hollow nature. This piece started off as a simple labeling of the different anatomical parts of a human skull and it bloomed into a more friendlier rendition."