Welcome to the world of medicine!

The topics below are structured as pictures combined with captions to make it easier to understand the complexities that exist within the human body and nature. 

After reading and viewing these topics, some of you may be interested in learning more! To help with this, we have also provided scientific articles and websites accompanying these drawings.

With these, we hope you become more curious and want to learn more!


Because our physiology and bodies are so complex, the answers to some of the questions may be different than what may be affecting someone who is sick with a viral infection, etc. There is still much for us (humanity in general) to learn about various diseases and processes, but at the same time, our body's inner workings constantly fluctuate and change. In no way, with any of these drawings, are we endorsing any medical advice. Please contact true experts for medical advice and emergencies.

Thus, please take all the teachings with a grain of salt and learn to appreciate how many systems in our body come together to let us live!

Stay Tuned for More Lessons! 

How Do Vaccines Work Against COVID?

By Nishat Islam,Isra Ahmed, and Prima Kalra

How are the gut and brain connected?

By Ashley Valenton and Michael Buffardi


By Peter Stavros

Why Do Our Ears Ring?

By Kathryn Ravano

Why do we get migraines?

By Leah Hinners, Peter Stavros, and Isra Ahmed


By Grace Noonan 

What is a Receptor?

By Kadir Özler 

Staring at the Sun

By Grace Noonan 

Stages of Sleep

By Xiaoying Wu

Carbohydrate Digestion

By Sarah Shardam and Aisha Sadiqa

Cancer Development

By Grace Noonan

Types of Digestion

By Eunice H. Kim and Kadir Ozler

Mutations and Cancer

By Melanie Collana and Alyssa Sorensen

Fevers and Pyrogens

By Erika Vallence

Mutations in DNA

By Maia Gomis, Anita Karakas, and Kadir Ozler

Bacterial Gene Transfer

By Nishat Islam, Isam Adnan, and Ashley Patilano

Antibiotics and the Microbiome

By Cassandra Yap and Alyssa Sorensen

Antibiotic Resistance

By Nishat Islam and Omer Ozler


By Sarah J. Lee and Kadir Ozler

Colds and Antibiotics

By Catherine Batchelor, Isra Ahmed, and Alyssa Sorenson

Anxiety and Stress

By Eunice H. Kim

Aortic Dissections 

By Kadir Ozler

Muscle Contraction

By Sarah J. Lee and John Choo

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