Colds and Antibiotics

Art & Research: Catherine Batchelor & Isra Ahmed

Further Reading Literature: Alyssa Sorensen

Colds and Antibiotics

What causes colds?

There are many types of rhinoviruses which can cause a cold.

NOTE: Lack of a fatty outer layer.

Anatomy of a virus

Contraction and prevention

Droplets from sneezes, coughs, or even talking can spread the virus.

Using tissues, washing hands, using disinfectant, and focusing on your health will all help prevent colds. CHECK


"We must weaken the walls and bring an end to all bacterial beasts!"

Antibiotics can stop the creation of more bacteria, stopping cell wall creation, DNA replication, and protein + RNA synthesis.

Antibiotic abilities

Antibiotics are NOT equipped to defeat viruses.

Viral entry

A "ligand-gated" protein has a LOCK that requires another protein to be the KEY. When the key fits into the lock, the protein opens a DOOR, known as a channel. CHECK

Viral genetic material

CHECK Viruses inject cells with RNA (genetic material) after CHECK ligand-gated protein is opened/activated.

Then you're infected. the end

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