Antibiotic Resistance

Art & Research: Nishat Islam and Omer Ozler

Further Reading Literature: Nishat Islam

Antibiotic Resistance methods

Bacteria can become resistant to antibiotics in many ways such as by preventing the access of the antibiotic into the cell or rapid extrusion (removal) of the antibiotic once it has entered the cell (CDC).

Resistance methods continued

Other methods of resistance include alteration of the antibiotic to preventing it from killing bacteria and degradation of the antibiotics.

Anatomy of a bacterium

The bacterium contains many components such as the capsule (what surrounds the bacterial components), a nucleoid region (where the bacterial DNA are located - not in nuclei like mammalian cells!), plasmids (DNA outside of the nucleoid region of the bacteria), flagelli, cytoplasm, and pilli (CDC).

Be safe!

Ensure your hands are always washed to prevent spreading germs into your body through your face, eyes, nose, ears, etc. If you feel unwell, please see your doctor!

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